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The "Mida's Touch Salon"

Relax and Smile: You will experience the "Best Makeover"

S.O.S Smoothing

S.O.S silk smoothing/straightening is the latest smoothing in the category of smoothing system; is a thioglycolate-free and formaldehyde-free (and all derivatives) vital straightening /smoothing system designed especially for heavily damaged hair types.

* It is formulated with L-Cysteine and Silk Amino Acids to safely recover the lost proteins in the hair while smoothing out curls and frizz. L-Cysteine is an essential amino acid which serves an important role in rebuilding and fortifying hair structure.

*It effectively smooths and/or straightens all types of hair; especially hair that is substantially damaged. (Virgin/healthy hair will smoothen to a more manageable state and damaged hair will straigthen)

* This system hasCysteine,Collagen,Hydrolyzed Silk, and Silk Amino Acids to recover the lost proteins in the hair while smoothing out curls and frizz.

In summary, this treatment straightens especially heavily damaged hair and all hair types without having to settle with temporary Keratin systems.

This treatment will last up to 6 months with the use of maintenance kit.

This treatment treats,fortifies,and straightens all hair types without the worries of formaldehyde or thioglycolate.