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The "Mida's Touch Salon"

Relax and Smile: You will experience the "Best Makeover"


The most "Beautiful You"

Every time !

You wear your hair every day, so think about that when agonizing over the price: YOU WEAR IT EVERY DAY! It could cost more than your shoes and that would still be a reasonable investment in yourself. So pamper yourself and Get the Mida's Touch! :)... Always remember:You are so worth it!

Maintain your Hair every 6 to 12 weeks to save up to 30% off or more on any chemical service with a hair cut.

**LOYAL clients always get "ROYAL" treatment and great savings!:)...


Price variations based on Length,Texture and Density.

  • Women: Shampoo, Conditioner, Master Designer Hair cut w/ Style: $60+
  • ***Style includes: blow dry with heat protector products then finish with round brush, flat iron or curl iron.
  • ***Complimentary styling on full color and/or full highlites services.
  • Maintenance cut (6wks) w/o blow dry/style (for regular client): $45
  • Designer Bang: $20 * Free for Loyal client w/color service.
  • Special Occasion Up dos: $90+
  • Bleach retouch w/toner <1": $120+ *Extra for styling
  • Retouch w/Extract Organic Essence (2-6 wks) with Revitalizing Conditioner: $80
  • ****Extra for blow dry/styling when doing just roots retouch.
  • Retouch roots (2-6 wks/<1 in') with Revitalizing Conditioner : $75 
  • All over  Color: $90+
  • Eye brows tinting: $30 * Free with color service
  • Partial Hi lite/Low lite: $60+ (10 foils)
  • Extra color/Low lite: $15-30 extra
  • Color toner/gloss: $35+
  • T weave/Half head hi lite: $95+
  • Full Balayage/Hi lite: $155+
  • Ombre/Sombre/Balayage/Specialty Artistic color: $170+
  • Specialty color: A consultation and a deposit of $100-150 may be required before an appointment can be set for the service. A NO show will forfeit such deposit. ****72 hrs reschedule notice required*****
  • Olaplex service: $45-120 *Special price with color service
  • Color Correction: by consultation 
  • Brazilian Blowout Split Ends treatment:$45-90
  • Keratin Smoothing Color Express (lasts~ 4-6 wks): $80+
  • Keratin Smoothing/Brazilian Blow Out w/products+Designer cut (lasts ~ 3-4 mths):$300+
  • *****All Smoothing results depend on the treatment chosen, integrity &texture of the hair and finally whether or not client purchases all the recommended products to maintain the treatment.
  • Formaldehyde Free Smoothing w/products+cut (~2-3 mths): $300+
  • Japanese Hybrid straightening w/products+cut (~7-8mths): $465+
  • Japanese Permanent straightening w/products+cut (~8mths retouch new growth): $400+
  • Due to the complexity of the smoothing and straightening services, a Free 15mn  in-person consultation for new client is required for best recommendation of the treatment.
  • *** A deposit between $200-$350 is required before an appointment of such smoothing or straightening service can be set or confirmed.
  • *** Please be aware that a smoothing treatment with a complimentary designer cut may take up to 4 hrs.
  • *** A straightening treatment with a complimentary designer hair cut may take up to 8hrs.
  • **********A NO show will forfeit such deposit***
  • **********72hrs reschedule notice is required.*****
  • Thank you so much for your consideration and understanding.
  • Deep Kera Rescue ( for extremely Damaged/Dry hair- ~ 4 wks of Smoothing and Frizz free, Formaldehyde Free): $45-120 *Special price with color service
  • Crystal Gel/Deep Clarifying/Color Removal (to remove build up/minerals/chemical for best color & shine): $45/treatment
  • Human Hair extensions w/cut: $600+ *Free consultation
  • Hair extensions removal or retouch include clarifier shampoo, cut and style: $150/hr+
  • *Free consultation for hair extensions
  • *** A 50% deposit will be required for the hair to be ordered. It may take up to 3 week for the hair to be delivered;and another week to have the hair extensions appointment fused in. Please plan accordingly...
  • Natural Black Bronze feathers extensions: $8/feather,$14/2
  • Colorful Natural Hair extensions: $10/hair, $18/2,$25/3hairs
  • Sombre Hair extensions: $10/hair,$18/2,$25/3hairs
  • Genuine Crystal hair fusions: $2/crystal
  • Sparkling Hair Tinsel: $1-3/tinsel 

Facial Waxing services: 

  • Eye Brows waxed and shaped: $15
  • Lips: $10
  • Chin: $10
  • Cheeks: $15
  • Full Face (eyebrows,lip,chin,cheeks): $40-50